Research Experience

Low-cost Sensing of Railroad Bridges
  • Developed an Arduino-based sensing platform that can monitor railroad bridges inexpensively
  • Developed a battery charging system that can power the sensing platform for long-term monitoring

Measuring total bridge displacements of railroad bridges
  • Developed a method to fuse accelerometer data with inclinometer data to estimate railroad transverse displacements with pseudo-static components due to asymmetric loading
  • Validated the method experimental by simulatng the bridge dispalcements using shake table 

Distributed Real-time Hybrid Simulation: Modeling, Development and Experimental Validation (Dissertation Topic)
  • Developed a platform to conduct Distributed RTHS over IP/UDP using MATLAB/xPC Target
  • Estimated and compensated the internet tome delay on-the-fly
  • Validated distributed RTHS with RTHS and shake table responses of a large-scale steel structure

Verification of Real-time Hybrid Simulation with Shake Table Tests
  • Adapted LQG based control system for magneto-rheological damper
  • Compared RTHS results to seismic shake table responses of a large-scale steel structure

Integration of Structural Health Monitoring Applications to HIL
  • System ID of the target structure in damaged and undamaged case
  • Health monitoring of the test structure in a HIL framework

Empowering the Scientific Community with Streaming Data Middleware: Software Integration into Complex Science Environments                                    
  • Integrated HIL with Open Source Data Turbine (OSDT), a data streaming software, and lead OSDT developers
  • Used OSDT APIs to integrate MATLAB/xPC into OSDT for data generation and streaming
  • Developed a software that monitors TCP ports, reports OSDT’s uptime/health in Python language

Large Scale Distributed Substructure Testing for Collapse-Resistance Evaluation of Buildings and Bridges at Harbin Institute of Technology, China            
  • Developed a HIL framework running on dSpace
  • Conducted shake table tests on a large-scale 3D structure, and implemented semi-active control strategies for damper

Performance-Based Design and Real-time, Large-scale Testing to Enable Implementation of Advanced Damping Systems
  • Conducted System Identification tests on a large-scale frame
  • Developed a MATLAB based program to detect impacts, parse data, and convert to transfer function
  • Developed a new control-oriented model updating algorithm based on identified structural parameters                         

Analytical Modeling of Diagonally Reinforced Concrete Coupling Beams under Lateral Loads (Thesis Topic)
  • Developed a recipe for modeling diagonally reinforced coupling beams using DRAIN-2DX and OpenSees
  • Validated experimental coupling beam and coupled wall results with the developed model

Strengthening of Brick Infilled RC Frames with Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Overlays (Undergrad. Research)
  • Surface preparation of damaged brick infilled wall specimens for FRP retrofit
  • Provided suggestions for attaching FRP for easy yet reliable retrofitting